Sell your home in Denver Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Selling and buying a house with Group 46:10 Network is truly a superior experience compared to working with other real estate agents or teams. The “Group 46:10 Network Difference” is felt and experienced through the incredible value we deliver and the extraordinary results we produce, further enriched by our team approach.

    Our value is experienced through the consultative approach we take with all of our clients. Understanding our client’s specific wants and needs in the home-selling and home-buying process enables us to negotiate ideal outcomes and produce extraordinary results that outperform the competition. In addition, when you work with Group 46:10 Network, you get a whole team of specialists to make sure everything goes as planned. We direct each specialist’s efforts to meet your individual goals!

    Don’t be fooled into thinking, “If I list my house with an agent who works alone, I’ll get more attention!”

    Most of the effort involved in selling your house centers around administrative details – scheduling appointments, advertising, internet marketing, brochures, transaction processing, etc. The tremendous amount of detail and paperwork involved in real estate transactions translate to the average agent spending the majority of time completing activities that do not focus on selling your house. Our goal at Group 46:10 Network is to have our agents spend 100% of their time focused on selling houses, while the team takes care of the rest.

    The team approach to real estate also means there is always someone available to talk to you! There is always a team member available to help you with a problem, give you the status of your transaction or just answer a question. Group 46:10 Network uses voice mail when necessary, but believes there is no substitute for personal attention. Our team understands the importance of excellent customer service.

    We receive the majority of our business from referrals.
    Over 65% of our business comes from referrals and past clients. Our clients rehire us because of our experience and excellent customer service. They also refer their family, friends and co-workers to us for all of their real estate needs; proof of a job well done!


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