Jennifer Baer

    "All Your Real Estate Needs From Beginning To End"

    If you're buying a home - you want more than a roof over your head. You want to know that you're not missing something or paying too much. You want to know that there's not hidden problems with a home you might buy, but at the same time, you don't want to miss out on a great deal. Of course you also want an investment that grows your net worth, not your landlords. You want to express your personality and enjoy your environment by painting and decorating however you want. Sure, I have access to properties that are for sale both on AND off the MLS. I also happen to write clean contracts that uncover issues and protect my buyers. I live for helping people find their dream home.

    If you're selling a home – You're ready to move on from what you have and get into a better situation, whether it's expanding space for your family, downsizing from the unnecessary cleaning/chores/financial responsibilities, or moving for work or quality of life reasons. Your greatest fears are selling a property too cheap and paying a Realtor too much. You might also want to know that the buyer you're under contract with will actually close! I love helping people by providing clarity, confidence, and commitment. I'm your advocate the whole way through.

    I look forward to you reaching out and letting me know how I can help with your home buying or selling needs! I am just a phone call or text away.

    Jennifer Baer
    Real Estate Professional
    Group 46:10 - Denver
    9800 Pyramid Ct Ste 400
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    Jennifer Baer

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